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MGA Non-Breeder Membership

MGA Non-Breeder membership was designed for a mini goat owner who wants to stay up to date with all things mini goat and might like to join in MGA competitions, shows/events and have contact with other mini goat owners.

An MGA Non-Breeder Member is ineligible to vote at an MGA meeting.

As a Non-Breeder Member of MGA you can enjoy :-




Listing on MGA website Members Page.

Your name will be listed on Miniature Goats Australia Associations Breeders Listing webpage under your state.

Shows, Events & Displays - Miniature Goats Australia (MGA) encourages members to display their goats at any opportunity and to join in with official MGA shows.  You don't have to show your animals to come to the show. 

It is a great day to chat and to get to know each other. 

Members are willing and eager to help anyone who would like to get involved, especially the human kids who love to show their goats.  Every child wins a prize at MGA shows.

Wethers are encouraged and welcome in the show ring.

Keep an eye on the MGA Events page for our next outing - MGA Events

Transfers  - As a Non-Breeder member you are able to transfer an animal to another person.  Miniature Goats Australia allow this so as pet owners can sell their animals if needed and they can be transferred to a new owner.  This cannot be done electroncially.  Paperwork should be sent to the registrar who will process the transfer and forward to the new owner.  To allow this ensures that the database can be kept up to date.

Facebook Members Forum - The Facebook Forum page is for members only.  Miniature Goats Australia made the decision to keep it locked to members only so as you would feel comfortable to ask questions, tell your stories, add photos and debate topics without the general public watching on.  This forum is invaluable to pet owners.

Newsletters - Miniature Goats Australia Newsletter 'Newsflash' is a small, informative newsletter sent to all members so as to ensure the whole membership is kept up to date with Association news, especially those members who do not have facebook.