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MGA Sponsorship

There are many times when an Association, Group or Club needs financial assistance. 

With ever increasing costs in life, not for profit organisations do it tough trying to make ends meet whilst ensuring everything remains exciting and functioning and without scrimping on the important aspects.


Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc. is no different and so we say a huge and sincere thank you to our sponsors, no matter how large or small your donation is it is very much appreciated.

Donations can be monetary or in kind and every single member in one way or another benefits from them.


If you would like to be part of the Australian Miniature Goat phenemenon please contact the Secretary -

admin@miniaturegoatsaustralia.com or phone 0400 595 070

Major Sponsors

Robertson (NSW)

Show Sponsors

Thank you from the members of Miniature Goats Australia to everyone who sponsored the Robertson NSW show.


Lydie du Bray Antiques on Consignment,

Robertson Doctor,

Pizza’s in the Mist,

Rosemary Turner,

Knowles Stockfeeds

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Naughtiest Goat in Show Adelaide Royal

Anyone who owns and shows a goat will know that goats are intelligent which means they have a mind of their own at times.  This intellgence often means they do not always have the same idea as you when asked to walk on their lead or stand nicely for the judge or even stay in their pen. 

This trophy was donated by an intelligent and sometimes naughty goat herself - Miss Lemony Snicket and her lovely owner Janine Snow so as the funny antics of her goatee friends can be recognised. 

A small trophy will be presented to the winner at the show to take home each year and their names will be added to our virtual shield.

Check back each year to see who has won the Naughtiest Goat in Show - Adelaide Royal


Poco Capra