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MGA Registry

Database Admin & Registrar **

Database Admin & Registrar **

The administration charges sheet is a summary of what you are paying for, please remember to complete this sheet to avoid time delays in  processing.  We also request that you add your surname or stud name to all deposits.

If you are entering your own data you are still required to send in this summary sheet - email is accepted.


MGA have adopted an official measuring tool which is not expensive (RRP $55.00) and is simple and

easy to use.  All animals must be measured using the official device (Piccolo Miniature Horse

Height training is FREE and easily learned.

There is NO cost involved to be a Height Certification Official or to be taught to measure your own

goat/s.     Click the link above for a list of qualified HCO's.

A photo is required to upgrade all animals for adult registration and their photo will be uploaded to the MGA database.
For the animals listed below, a clear photo of the animal standing squarely either front on or slightly to the side with the measuring tool applied correctly (eg: bubble to be seen in the centre of the window of measuring tool) is also required as at 15th October 2017.  This photo will also be uploaded to MGAs database as proof of height/s for the animal/s.

- Bucks or Wethers qualifying for A Grade or Purebred

- Does qualifying for Purebred.

- Females 45cm & under at 3 years any grade

- Males 50cm & under at 3 years any grade

Members are able to measure their own goats with the approved device for :-

Does up to and including A grade and Bucks up to and including B grade. 

HCO's are able to measure all goats

Purebred Does, A Grade Bucks and Wethers and Purebred Bucks and Wethers must be measured by:-

An MGA height certified officer (HCO) 'AND either';

- an approved MGA judge; or

- an MGA cadet judge who has passed examination or;

- an approved MGA goat breed judge or;
- veterinarian or;

- another member who is from a different stud not related to the owner of the animal

​(Please note - other than a veterinarian or approved MGA goat breed judge others must be current financial members of MGA)

Any member who cannot comply with the height measuring rules above due to difficult circumstances can apply to the Committee for an exemption which will be considered on a case by case basis.

Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc - MGA

is proud to announce the

first  member managed Database in Australia


The database for Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc - MGA is powered by Premium Breed

MGA is very pleased to be part of the Premium Breed family


Director of Premium Breed, Joel Small says  "Premium Breed are proud to provide Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc - MGA with our database application for their miniature goat registry. 

Premium Breed together with Lee Harrison of Aadorable Mini Goats also created the very first miniature goat registry for another association,  (Miniature Goat Breeders Association ) in 2013 over many months of discussion, emails, phone calls and late nights tweaking small issues as they arose, training others and correcting data that was imported from another program'.

Lee says ' I liked the product from the very start and could see the bigger picture and the potential it had as a registry database. I was especially interested in it to be able to offer a Self Managed registry system to miniature goat breeders which Miniature Goats Australia have now acheived."

* MGA offers you simple registration processes which you can self manage, or, we provide an optional data entry service until members become confident with the system.  Miniature Goats Australia database is simple and easy to use and training is provided.

Copies of all certificates sent in to the registrar should be signed on the back for verification.


*If you self manage your stock in the MGA database you are only required to post or email the admin charges sheet which is a summary sheet of your payment/s to a registrar. This sheet assists us to match your payment with applicable fees.  If you are taking advantage of our data entry service then documents such as registrations, transfers, service certificates or height certification forms will need to be emailed or posted along with the admin charges sheet to the Registrar.   All photos should be emailed or if permission is granted they can be texted to the registrar.



* MGA members are required to register all goats that are sold, given away or traded, including wethers - wethers are free to register. This process is important to facilitate correct recording of kidding information for each parent.  We also encourage you to record and report any deaths whether at birth or thereafter so as to collect ALL information for future analysis and statistics. 


* Buck transfer fees have been set higher to deter the registering of male goats without careful consideration to the substance or quality of the animal to be registered.


* If you register and transfer an animal at the same time you only pay one fee.  Members are permitted up to and including 6 months of age to register their animals.   Animals transferred after one month from initial registration will be subject to the additional transfer fee. 

* All animals are required to be transferred to new owners within 1month of sale  date. 

* If you purchase an animal you must transfer to MGA within 2months of the date of purchase

If members have any trouble complying with this please contact a Committee member.



© 2014 Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc.  All rights reserved.