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Les & Lee Harrison - Aadorable Mini Goat Stud (formerly) Harrison Park

Murray Grills - Australian Panel Judge and Miniature Goats Australia Breed Advisor




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Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc - MGA cannot operate without a dedicated group of individuals who form our Committee  and other volunteers who perform other numerous tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the Association.


Thank you to our Committee and volunteers who donate their time for roles like Committee, Registrars, Membership Officer, Breed Advisor, Webmaster, Show Manager & Show Stewards.



Kelly Hulme


Kelly has had a dream to breed goats and have her very own farm for about 12yrs now and through hard work and setting goals her and her lovely husband Colin have finally made that dream come true.  In 2014 they made the move to the beautiful Riverina Region of NSW.  She's now building up her herd and eagerly trying to convert all of the sheep farmers she's surrounded by.  Kelly is always on the look-out for quality stock and her new goal is to be a respected Australian Miniature Goat breeder and do her best to improve the breed in a respectful and responsible way. 

​​Phone 0402 813 442  (02) 69 73 1950

Email  rosenthalaustminigoats@gmail.com

Sarah Spinaze


Sarah runs Whispering Plains Miniature Goat Stud in NSW.   Sarah has wanted goats for years, dreaming and looking at all the stud websites, the photos and reading all kinds of information about them; she was obsessed before she even purchased a single goat. Sarah's mother in law bought a property out of town about 5 years ago, so it presented Sarah with a golden opportunity.   Sarah showed her a photo of a baby goat for sale and now like most who purchase these amazing animals, the love affair continues.

Sarah is available to assist all our NSW members and is qualified to height your animals.

​Phone 0427 392 605

Email  sarahspinaze@outlook.com

Lee Harrison


Lee is highly respected in the Miniature Goat world.

Lee has always been the Go-To person for breeders all around the country for animal health and well-being issues.

As a foundation breeder within the miniature goat industry, Lee has been active in all aspects of an association having held a variety of positions (many simultaneously).

Lee was the sole driving force behind the introduction and ongoing success of Miniature Goat shows in Victoria for the breeders and owners of South Eastern Australia.

Now as a founding member of Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc. (MGA), Lee brings an abundance of experience and knowledge to the association.

Phone 0400 595 070

Email  admin@miniaturegoatsaustralia.com

Megan Miller


Megan, partner Shane & their two energetic boys established Briar Rose Miniature Goat Stud in 2013.

They are situated in the picturesque Hindmarsh Valley near Victor Harbor in South Australia where they run the family trucking company.

Megan’s focus and passion is the Australian Miniature Goat and she is committed to improving, promoting and preserving the breed whilst exploring and embracing the diversity within.

Megan and her family have bred and shown cattle for many years so livestock husbandry and its management is very familiar to them. 

Megan is devoted to breeding quality, hardy little goats for pets and show with loads of colour and personality.

​Phone 0427 615 232

Email  sm.miller5@bigpond.com

Kerry Kowald


Kerry along with husband Roger and 7 kids run Angus River Stud in Mount Torrens in the the Adelaide Hills SA . After travelling Australia on a converted bus in 2015 we came home to the plan of setting up a mini farm to keep me busy. Along with several dogs , sheep, beef cows , a variety of chickens and ducks and a dairy, we have now added our beloved goats and currently breed to improve our girls conformation and height. Goats have such loving souls that they will become your best friend very easily.

Esther Luxford-Matthews



Esther is located in Briagolong Vic. Owner operator of ELM Horsemanship & Freestone Park - Esther has been a passionate horsewoman her entire life. Sustaining a brain injury in early 2017 quickly brought life as it was to a standstill. Going from a active, busy & challenging lifestyle to a quiet slow moving recovery journey not being able to get in a paddock with a horse brought about change. Trying to find joy was proving challenging – enter the mini goat. I laughed more in my first week of being a goat owner than I had in 2 months. The AMG quickly became a passion and I am the proud owner of a herd of does that bring me joy and laughter every day. Aiming to become involved in Showing and Breeding in the near future & always promoting the incredible little animals that mini goats are.

MGA Height Certification Officials (HCO's) (15.9.2014), updated 24.09.2017

Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc. would like to congratulate the following members for passing their Height Certification Tests.

These members are now permitted to teach other members how to measure their animals and submit them for their qualification.

Members can train to measure their own goat/s according to MGA rules or train to measure for others.

All heights must be taken with MGA's official measuring device. Please contact a committee member if you have any questions.

Sarah Spinaze (NSW)

Del Copeland (NSW)

Susan Prodger (NSW)

Janine Snow (NSW)

Kelly Hulme (NSW)

Pria Martin (SA)

Megan Miller (SA)

Les & Lee Harrison (VIC)

Luke Simeoni (VIC)

Stuart & Tracey Wright (VIC)





Official MGA measuring tool.

Simple and easy to use.
There is NO cost involved in becoming a Height Certification Official
or to be taught to measure your own goat/s.
Prices vary but generally around $60.00
MGA have measuring sticks in stock priced at $60.00
Sticks can be posted for $70.00


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