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Miniature Goats for Sale

It is not unusual that there are no animals listed here for sale. 

Most Breeders have waiting lists for these little gems and as you can see they are excellent with children; they will engage with your whole family.  Goats will also get along with most other pets and farm animals but as always supervision until ground rules are set is a must.

It is recommended that you have a look at individual breeder websites (MGA Breeders) and when you see the type and look of an Australian Miniature Goat that you like, contact the breeder and ask when their next kidding is.


Goats are herd animals so it is best and recommended to have two together. 

Australian Miniature Goats have different personalities - Sooky, sulky, cheeky, shy, outgoing etc and so breeders will try to match the animals to your situation.


MGA members will always happily answer your questions.

See below for a few simple tips to ensure you are buying an Australian Miniature goat.

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