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MGA Membership


Miniature Goats Australia Association Incorporated Year runs from 1st July to 30th June annually.

**New Breeders joining on or after 1st March each year will receive a $20 discount off the following years membership**

Membership Officer -   0400 595 070

When you become a member of Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc. you will receive ongoing support from a team of reputable breeders. 

Join today via our online Membership Application

If you cannot access the membership application on line please phone the membership officer on the phone number provided above or alternatively email at admin@miniaturegoatsaustralia.com for one to be posted to you.

Your Application will be forwarded to the MGA Committee for approval in the first instance. 

Once approved you will be sent a Membership Agreement to accept, sign and return.  

A Committee member may contact you for further information.

When membership is due you will receive an email reminder and reminders will also be posted on our Official MGA Facebook Members Forum and in the MGA Newsletter.  Memberships not renewed and paid within 30 days of becoming due will suspend your membership.

Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc. (MGA) welcomes all Australian Miniature Goat breeders and their animals. Conditions Apply

Please Note: MGA is a single registry for the 'Australian' Miniature Goat

MGA offers two types of membership - Breeder and Non-Breeder. Both membership types have features to enjoy. 

To find out which one suits you click on the membership types below.

Miniature Goats Australia Accessories

Please email Secretary - admin@miniaturegoatsaustralia.com with your orders.
Orders are placed every second Friday and must be in by 2.00pm on that day or your order will need to wait for the next order date.

Discounts for multiples.


Keyring with torch


Calico Tote Bag


Samsung Phone Case

S3 & S4 Only



Iphone Phone Cases

4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 & 6plus

Now available with your goats photo on them.


Self Order System Online

Polo Shirts

All Sizes


USB Flash Drive

4GB & 8GB

'Goats with the Most'

These adorable hand made goats knitted with love by the Nans in our group are for sale. 

$23.50 which includes postage is all you need to pay. 

Request the color you would like; any of the above or black, speckled, white, brown, apricot and more, you decide.

Two lucky newborns and a very sick goat owner have received theirs already....

Just email us at admin@miniaturegoatsaustralia.com and let us know what you'd like.