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Australian Miniature Goats have been bred down in size and stature from Australian bush goats and other purebred goats from breeds firmly established in Australia since the 1900's with generations of parentage behind them. 

MGA has been formed to safeguard the future development of Australia's Miniature Goat breed and was officially launched in June 2014.

Earlier this year our Committee set about expanding the MGA breed base after members voting for the change and have explored the inception of the Pygmy Breed and Nigerian Dwarf Breed under the MGA banner.

Naturally, to maintain the ideals of MGA, the breeds must be bred independently. MGA have proven that our clear standards and breeding control can have outstanding results in our Australian Miniatures. MGA see this as a natural progression and the addition of a new breed does not change or reduce the clear direction MGA has maintained.

The expansion to other breeds was inevitable, and the balance and control of the breed blood lines will be our major concern. We look forward to this new direction for MGA with confidence and determination to be seen as the breed group that seeks ethical breeding and the focus toward the purity of the breeds.


The Association has a focus on recording the absolute history of all animals including all births, deaths, lineage and photographic ancestry. MGA requires that their members register all animals owned by them to guarantee correct information is collected and retained for years to come; this will ensure the integrity of each and every animal.

Miniature Goats Australia is a unique, friendly group where members are encouraged to help each other and mentor new breeders.  We regularly organise events and weekends where members can catch up with fellow breeders to learn new things and get ideas.  Guest speakers, judges and vets are part of these events.

Miniature Goat Shows and breed displays are encouraged and assistance is always available.

Whilst we understand that accidents happen, multiple occurrences of reckless matings or poor husbandry practices does not fit with our vision, purposes or values. 

CAE & Johnes Testing

In August 2014, Miniature Goats Australia took the unprecedented step within miniature goat circles to strongly recommend and encourage our members to test their herds for CAE & Johnes diseases.  CAE & Johnes have been around for a long time and as a responsible breed association we feel this proactive step will help towards stamping out the spread of these diseases among miniature goats in Australia.  MGA are pleased that other Miniature Goat Associations continue to follow our lead.

We are proud to be promoting transparency and to be seeking and making available as much information as possible. This way our members, and the wider community can make informed decisions. Ultimately, this testing gives purchasers peace of mind that their cherished animals will not one day be afflicted by these cruel diseases.


“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” Tony Robbins


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