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Exhibiting at a Show isn't about winning; its an opportunity to link together with people who have a common interest and passion, to see how you are going with your breeding program and learn about husbandry and the breed.

It's not about the goat with the shiniest coat or the breeder with the best car, or the people 'who always win'; its a great social outing and a HUGE opportunity to display our much loved little friends to the general public, to talk to people and educate them about the goats and to promote MGA, your own stud/s and/or products/services.

It's a platform to showcase to the public that these little goats are the best pet they could ever own, that they don't smell, they don't eat tin cans, they are not aggressive and far from it, and that the miniature goat breeds are useful for a myriad of purposes from milk, fibre, natural fertiliser, meat, weed eradication on a small scale – not to mention they are cute, friendly, funny and amazing; to gain new friends, and maybe, just maybe receive a ribbon or two on show day.

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