About us

Miniature Goats Australia (MGA) is a breed Association and Registry founded in 2014 and is open to Australian Miniature Goats, Pygmy Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Miniature Boer, Miniature Nubian and Elf.  Other miniature breeds may be added in the future.


MGA was originally formed to safeguard the future development of Australia's own Miniature Goat breed. 


The original Australian Miniature Goat has been bred down in size and stature from Australian bush goats and other purebred goats, from breeds firmly established in Australia since the 1900's, with generations of parentage behind them.


In 2018 MGA members voted to include Pygmy Goat and Nigerian Dwarf, then in later years other small breeds into the Association.  Crosses of these breeds are permitted to transfer in from other groups and MGA allow crossing of the breeds where progeny can grade up to Purebred. 


MGA is a unique, friendly group where members are encouraged to help each other and mentor new breeders. We foster friendly competition that includes animals from any group at chosen Open shows. 

Non MGA members are welcome but please note testing for CAE & Johnes is an MGA show requirement.


The Association has a focus on recording the absolute history of all animals including all births, deaths, lineage and photographic ancestry, and as such MGA requires that their members register all animals owned by them to guarantee correct information is collected and retained for years to come. This ensures the integrity of each and every animal.


We regularly organise events and weekends where members can catch up with fellow breeders to learn new things and get ideas.  Guest speakers, judges and vets are part of these events.

Miniature Goat Shows and breed displays are encouraged and assistance is always available.

Whilst we understand that accidents happen, multiple occurrences of reckless mating or poor husbandry practices does not fit with our values.

Our Team


​Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc. cannot operate without a dedicated group of individuals who form our Committee and other volunteers who perform other numerous tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the Association. Thank you to our Committee and volunteers who donate their time for the roles within our team!



Kelly has had a dream to breed goats and have her very own farm for about 12 yrs now and through hard work and setting goals she and her lovely husband Colin have finally made that dream come true. In 2014 they made the move to the beautiful Riverina Region of NSW to start Rosenthal Stud. She's now building up her herd and eagerly trying to convert all of the sheep farmers she's surrounded by. Kelly is always on the look-out for quality stock and her new goal is to be a respected Australian Miniature Goat breeder and do her best to improve the breed in a respectful and responsible way. 


secretary & registrar

Lee is a foundation member of Miniature Goats Australia and a foundation breeder within the miniature goat industry with her Aadorable Miniature Goat Stud, (formerly Harrison Park). Lee has been active in all aspects of an association having held a variety of positions (many simultaneously).

Lee was the sole driving force behind the introduction and ongoing success of Miniature Goat shows in Victoria, SA and NSW.

Lee brings an abundance of experience and knowledge to the association.

Her main focus is on education for MGA members, the general public and other goat enthusiasts.

Lee is the backbone of MGA and makes herself available to all.

Deanne Rundle


Deanne, husband Jimmy and their 3 children live in Pinkerton Plains in SA.  

The whole family is passionate about Australian Miniature Goats and they have been breeding for 5 years as Benclue Miniature Goat Stud.  

They are proud members of MGA and enjoy stewarding and showing.  Deanne is a Committee member and registrar also.

Sons Aiden & Blake are keen junior handlers and Talisha's show preparation is admired by her peers. 

Their focus is on breeding beautiful solid but small bucks who are well grown and true to type with impeccable temperaments.

Murray Grills


Murray, wife Sandra and grand daughter Larrah are owners of Morrisons Miniature Goat Stud.

Murray parents bred dairy goats for many years which fuelled Murrays love for goats.

His many years of experience both breeding and judging has and continues to be an asset to our group.

When miniature goat shows first started in Victoria Murray was approached to judge a show and thankfully he accepted when others turned invitations down.

When MGA started Murray wanted to be involved and is a founding member of the group.

Murray and Sandy soon become regulars at the miniature goat shows and when Larrah showed an interest in the miniatures; Morrisons was born.

Murray and Sandy needed no persuading either.

Megan Miller


Megan, partner Shane & their three energetic boys established Briar Rose Miniature Goat Stud in 2013.

They are situated in the picturesque Hindmarsh Valley near Victor Harbor in South Australia where they run the family trucking company.

Megan’s focus and passion is the Australian Miniature Goat and she is committed to improving, promoting and preserving the breed whilst exploring and embracing the diversity within.

Megan and her family have bred and shown cattle for many years so livestock husbandry and its management is very familiar to them. 

Megan is devoted to breeding quality, hardy little goats for pets and show with loads of colour and personality.


vice-president & registrar

Sarah runs Whispering Plains Miniature Goat Stud in NSW. Sarah has wanted goats for years, dreaming and looking at all the stud websites, the photos and reading all kinds of information about them; she was obsessed before she even purchased a single goat. Sarah's mother in law bought a property out of town about 5 years ago, so it presented Sarah with a golden opportunity. Sarah showed her a photo of a baby goat for sale and now like most who purchase these amazing animals, the love affair continues.

Sarah is available to assist all our NSW members and is qualified to height your animals.

Denise Frahn



Julie Krop


Julie lives on a property at  SA.  She has bred different animal breeds including cattle, horses, poultry and dogs.  

Julie started with Australian Miniatures and now has Pygmy goats as well who she loves to show. Julie is a MGA Committee member and an MGA registrar, mainly helping members to register their Pygmys goats but she assists other registrars also.

Julie breeds for temperament and style and just loves spending time with her goats.

Amy Eatts


Amy Eatts runs Kidunot Miniature Goat Stud at Lameroo SA.  She started with Australian Miniature Goats in 2012 and has added Pygmys and even Boer Goats over the years. 

Amy is a  busy busy mum of three active boys and is a fulltime Agricultural teacher.

She really enjoys the show world; showing and breeding border collies for 15 years plus years. 

Amy now introduces students to the importance of good conformation and show etiquette in livestock at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Amys focus is on breeding healthy, hardy animals with lovely temperament, conformation and beautiful colours n both Australian Miniature and Pygmy goats.

Being on the committee of MGA is a great way to contribute to the decision making and running of the group and the breed.